Anonymous left fanmail that said: Do you know of any extensions that block the gifs/images on the tumblr log in screen or simply revert the log in to the original screen?

i do not, unfortunately, though i *believe* there is one out there - my best guess would be to search google and see what pops up, i’m sure something exists to take care of it!

August 1 | 3:48


Classy Laces Theme

Live Preview || Get the codes here!

Theme Features:

  • Meta tags (Upload your own backgrounds, add your own links, edit the colors and etc.)
  • Clean and classy theme (perfect for fashion and luxury blogs)
  • 3 column theme (not grid)
  • 500px wide posts
  • Inverted Follow and Dashboard Buttons
  • Optional Falling Petals and Top Lace
  • 6 extra links
  • Customized Scrollbars
  • Monthly Calendar & Update box
  • Disabled right click and highlighting texts/images
  • Block CTRL + U

This is my new theme this 2014! Please like this post if you are using this theme, it tracks me those who are using my themes and please keep the credit on my theme. Thank you! :)

sigh i’ve been trying to words my rachel bio for like an hour but the rest of the bios/connections will go up within the next couple of days~

August 1 | 2:40

god lydia coming out of the woods ;____; 

August 1 | 2:30

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Title: The Sign
Artist: Ace of Base
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the sign // ace of base

under the pale moon
for so many years i’ve wondered who you are
how could a person like you bring me joy?

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